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Can You Believe This? Deadly Poison Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) in BT Cotton?
See Government Laboratory Reports Below Proving Hydrogen Cyanide in BT Cotton Plants. (These reports were not made publlic by government but were retrieved by Right To Information Act by Our Colleagues from Andhra Pradesh):
In Andhra Pradesh State (India) government has already agreed that BT cotton is killing animals and advised not to feed BT cotton to animals (See the government document of public announcement here)
And the Govt knowingly killing millions of animals and possible humans too at large scale. Remember nearly 90 per cent cotton in India is BT cotton and India is second largest producer of BT Cotton after Egypt.
Is India producing cotton or cyanide and sure death for its people and animals?

बी टी कॉटन ज़हर है इसे अपने पशुओं को न खिलाएं क्योंकि सरकार ने खुद इसे पशुओं को न खिलाने की चेतावनी दी है. अधिक जानकारी के लिए देखें या ईमेल करे : btcotton'AT' (REPLACE 'AT' BY @)
बी टी कॉटन में hydrogen cyanide नामक ज़हर होने की पुष्टि सरकारी लैब में हुई है. SEE  LAB REPORTS OF GOVERNEMENT.

Coming Up This Month:
Why I hate BT Cotton? - A Confession by A Senior Agriculture Professional from India with over 15 years experience with farmers and NGOs. He tells you actual incidents about how he discovered step by step that BT cotton is killing rural economy and also give you some practical tips which he himself applied at his home and farmers' fields on how get better production with out GMO and chemicals.

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Confession Of A Qualified Genetic Engineer -

He Bows Before Pope For Punishing Him For His Sins  MORE>

Earth Is Dying
People Are Crying,

Animals In Pain
Law In Vain,

Ignorant Science,
Corrupt Conscience,

Genes Are Tricked,
Lives Are Pricked,




Hindustan Times, New Delhi

12 June 2010 Page 03

more >>

Deadly  BT Brinjal Growing In Fields of CCS Haryana Agriculutural University.

The photographs were taken on 20 November, 2008 on a rainy/cloudy day.

You can see the MHB 80 BT Hybrid of Brinjal on the left.

Some of the People working in the BT brinjal fields have complained of sneezing and some sensation in nose (they call it 'gudgudi' in hindi).

Let Us Stop This Deadly Crop From Reaching Our Plates.

Tell About Scientifically Established Harmful Effects (like adverse effect on fertility in animals, higher incidence of premature death of infants in mice, direct poisoning of animals, etc.) of Genetically Modified Crops To People Near You.










Bring Organic - Save Villages
Stop GMOs - Save Agriculture.

Join Maneka Gandhi, Glida Kneitz, Narender Thakral, Betty C. Dudney, Maida Salkic,  Jane MacRoss and others for Saving Villages and Agricultre for A Pure Tomorrow.
You are cordially invited for to see the proceedings of the Launch of Book on

Event was held on 22 Aug. 2010.

LORRI CARR was the the Chief Guest at the Launch.

You can event attend the event after its scheduled time and add your valuable comments there.
The Short Story Book 'Long Journey - Beyond My Life' by Dr Sudhir Kumar Kaura Which Calls For A Revolution to Save Agriculture and Villages from Where All of Our Life Energy (food comes).Can it come from anywhere else?
Can it come from pollution of cities?
Can it come from Dollars?Can it Come from Big Technologies?
Can it Come from Politics?
Can it Come from Big Talks?
Can it Come from Lot of Education? ..........

Can it Come from Anything else but pure unpollued villages and mother earth?

Please tell/forward to all concerned.

Hindi version of this book 'Lamba Safar is available now'.
Sale Proceeds of both editions will raise charity funds for activities of Save Farmer Movement Worldwide like Campaign Against Deadly GM Crops, Rehabilitating Victims of GM Crops, Promotion of Natural Farming.

Mrs Maneka Gandhi, Member of Parliament, India, Chair Person People for Animals and former Minister is also expected to grace the occasion amongst other nationally and internationally renowned scientsts, actvists, farmers, journalists and experts.

Can You Stop The Above Shown Monster From Reaching Your Plates Coming Summer ?

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BT Cotton Epidemic in Haryana

Interim Summary of Ongoing Survey on BT cotton Toxicity in Humans (in urban and rural areas), Farm Animals and Farm Soils by Kisan Bachao Andolan (or Save Farmer Movement) done in Hisar District of Haryana State of Republic of India. The survey was started in December 2007 and continued till date. more>>

Revolutionary Appeal to President of India

15 Nov. 2008 Hisar (India)

Presdent Rule Demanded in Haryana State on Failure of State Government in providing protection to farmers and animals from deadly effects of BT cotton more >>

Special Investigation by The Sunday Indian (Sunday Indian is published in 14 languages weekly)

BT sins… Itchy scars!

The Sunday Indian explains how BT cotton is robbing farmers and farm labors of their health and cattle as well.

Hissar villages are itching. Sirsa villages are itching. Fatehabad villages are itching. These three districts form the heart of Haryana’s cotton belt, and here cows and buffaloes are itching too. They are giving birth to premature calves, and the cows themselves are dying. The problem is when a premature calf is delivered, the family cannot even disclose that, as its price when it is ready for sale will drastically drop. In many cases, the cows' uteruss are protruding from the stomach. Even Harpal Singh Grewal, the rich NRI from Sirsa, who was in the government of India’s steering committee for promoting organic farming says that BT cotton is ruining Haryana, but the government itself is in total denial mode.

It is surprising that this has happened despite the sad experience of Andhra Pradesh. About a year ago, hundreds of sheep died after consuming oilcake and cattle feed induced with BT cotton seed. The state government’s animal husbandry department had ordered a probe, which shows that the feed had high traces of cyanide. (A copy of the report, Lr Roc No. 117 / TFAL / 2007, dtd 12/3/07, is with TSI.) for money is turning that Diwali into diwaliyapan, or impoverishment, and the milk and ghee of Haryana are turning out to be toxic nutrients spelling disaster! more >>

BT cotton contains Hydrogen Cyanide - The Deadly Poison. A Report of Andhra Pradesh Govt more >>

Survey Report of Ill Effects of BT Cotton on Humans and Animals in Gangwa Village of district Hisar in Haryana State of India Dated 23 October 2008

The Family of Mr Mahender son of Sai Dutt, a landless farmer of Village Gangwa, District Hisar, Haryana State, India lost about 10 sheep due to BT cotton grazing with in 2-3 days of grazing in BT cotton fields in the year 2007. Mr Mahender is working in the BT cotton field for last about 3 years as a landless farmer. He has itching and skin problems all over his body for last about 3 years now.

Our survey done on 27 October 2008 shows many more sheep have died in Hisar city itself due to BT cotton. One family we interviewed told us that they have lost complete herd of eight sheep. No sheep could survive BT cotton toxicity. Their neighbourhood shepherd has family have the same story to tell. They also lost sheep this year and in the last year as well while grazing in governement owned BT cotton farms in Hisar behind sector 14.

It is worth mentioning that the farmers of Hisar are losing their animals due to fault of their own and the city proudly hosts a number of top government institutes like CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Central Sheep Breeding Farm, Government Livestock Farm, Equine Breeding Stud, Oldest Veterinary College of the Country, Central Institute of Buffalo Research, National Research Centre on Equines, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science  & Technology, CENTRAL STATE FARMS, NATIONAL INSTITUTE on Pig Breeding and Research, Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Agriculture Science Center), State Cattle Breeding Project, etc. None of the institute is pointing towards BT cotton though children in street can tell you what is killing animals.

 >> more about Hisar

report under progress will be available in few days.


Click Here to See Complete Photographical Coverage of the Survey done on 23 October 2008 at Village Gangwa, District Hisar, India


Click Here to See Complete Photographical Coverage of the Survey done on 19-20 October 2008 at Village Dhansu and Village Talwandi Rana, District Hisar, State Haryana India

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It is too late for the farmers and animals in the BT cotton field. Media is not coming forward in investigating the health problems and deaths due to BT cotton toxicity.

We thank The Sunday Indian for covering the story in a justified manner in their issue of 27 October. Hope other media houses come on the side of farmers in this emergency.

more on The Sunday Indian >>

See the Dreadful Story as scanned by us from The Sunday Indian magazine - Hindi Edition 

See the Dreadful Story as scanned by us from The Sunday Indian magazine - English Edition 

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13 Nov. 2008 Haryana Agricultural Univesity denies any knowledge of animal deaths in the state due to BT cotton and claims no farmer has complained agaist BT cotton. The Director of Reseach Dr BS Chhillar says that there is no report to prove that BT cotton is can kill animals. Mr Aroonesh of Dainik Jagran reports from Hisar.

The reports appears on page 5 of Dainik Jargran, A Daily Newspaper of National Repute published from Hisar more >>
Please Contact Us for any query or comment

Pro-farmer Activism Tip: Ask Your Local Farmer / Dairy to Produce Milk without feeding BT cotton based feed to the animal.

Ring /Write a letter / email to top milk companies that you prefer milk produced from animals which are not fed any feed based on BT cotton or any other genetically modified plant material.

India: A Story of Blind Faith In Genetic Mutilation Hisar (India) 20 November, 2006 (Nature News Network)

In India probably the concern for livelihood is stronger than the need of awareness of hazardous effects of genetically manipulated plants. And even scientists do not work on harmful effects of genetically manipulated plants at all as they fear going against the wishes of authorities. more >>




Save Farmer Campaign Appeals to all to Not Celebrate Diwali this year to show of solidarity for Millions of Indian Farmers who are affected badly due ill effects of BT cotton on their health and death of thousands of farm animals.

Panel Ignored BT Cotton Toxicity Evidence

Dr P M bhargava, the founder director of Centre of Cellular & Molecular Biology and an invitee at Genetic Engineering Approval Committe (GEAC) (by Supreme Court Ruling) has found that GEAC has has ignored evidence of toxicity of BT Cotton to sheep.

This article which highlights the argument of a reputed scientist which may lead suspension of BT Cotton cultivation.  more>>


This article which highlights the argument of a reputed scientist which may lead suspension of BT Cotton cultivation. See Full Article Here


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