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Dated: 7 May 2008                                                                 PRESS RELEASE

Ref.: 19/PR/756



Deadly BT Cotton Trap! Is there any way out?



Deadly BT Cotton is being promoted as the only solution for the cotton farmers by governments in India in most shameless way possible. Let us see what price farmers and public are paying for BT Cotton adoption in India.


Thousands of farm animals have died in India due to consumption of BT cottonseeds, oil cake, standing plants or plant parts like fruiting bodies, leaves and branches. Most of people in India might only be aware of the news of animals dying in Andhra Pradesh but we have observed thousands of animals have perished due to BT cotton in Haryana as well. Furthermore, lacs of animals are suffering due to poisoning, and other ill effects (on health and metabolism of animals) of BT Cotton in Haryana. Thousands of Farmers, Farm Labourers and Labourers at Cotton Factories have suffered unusual allergies and itching for months together and many of them have to abandon their work, which involves working with BT Cotton in one way or the other.


What we have observed in Haryana scientifically, is in fact an epidemic? We can call it as 'BT Cotton Epidemic'. Why the government functionaries or other NGOs are not able to see / report the devastating effects of BT Cotton on humans and animals. Furthermore, government agencies are hell bent on proving rather quite rapidly and surprisingly that there is no connection between animal deaths and BT Cotton. This is quite unfortunate for most of us and for scientific community as well.


Isn’t it a Constitutional Crisis in India? Democracy is For The People, Of The People and By The People. But in the context of present BT Cotton Epidemic, perhaps People mean handful of companies and their promoters in the government and other sectors. Would there be any assertion of rights by us, The Real People in any way?  Or would we literally allow Undemocratic People in the governments to rule us? This is a question, which must be addressed otherwise, it is the time we demand / work for a change in system for betterment. Probably it would not be a revolt, I believe it would be much more than that, I foresee.




Sudhir Kumar Kaura

Coordinator, Save Farmer Movement


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First Published at on 7 May 2008.

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