BT cotton is killing animals. It is killing buffaloes, it is killing sheep and as the survey continues it may also turn to be deadly to other animals and humans as well. Our survey in three districts of Haryana namely Hisar, Sirsa and Fatehabad shows BT cotton has made many farmers bankrupt not only due to deaths of animals due to toxicity of BT cotton plants and feed based on it but due BT cotton crop failure as well. See more reports here

BT cotton is branded by the Government of India as it unfailing tool to ensure prosperity of Indian farmers who grow cotton. But the truth is far from this. BT cotton fields are killing animals like anything and the farmers perhaps do not want to suspect the BT cotton which provide him lots of money. But the truth is again far off.

Many farmers in Haryana have told us that they have stopped feed BT cotton seeds and oilcake as a feed to animals because animal fall ill and even die due this poisonous diet. Even animals are not interested to eat BT cotton seeds and oilcake in many cases.